Types of Bloodwork

Ever wonder what those blood tests are really all about? Here are some highlights of different tests that we commonly perform to screen for underlying disease in our equine patients.

Coggins Testing

Coggins test – lots of horses get them annually but what do they actually mean? We will focus on this important test and why results are monitored on a national level.

Blood Chemistry

A serum biochemistry, usually shortened to just “chemistry”, provides one of the best overall assessments of health and organ function available via bloodwork. Keep reading to see all the systems evaluated by a chemistry panel!
Serum Amyloid A

Fibrinogen & SAA

Fibrinogen is our friend! Especially when we are trying to identify inflammatory or infectious disorders. Keep reading to see how this protein could give important information about what’s occurring with your horse’s immune system.

CBC – Complete Blood Count

Have you ever heard the term “CBC” used but didn’t fully understand it? Keep reading to find out what this extremely important test can tell us about your horse’s health!
Algorithm for the diagnosis and management of PPID.

Cushings & PPID Testing

Confused about Cushing’s Disease/PPID testing and if your horse needs it? No fear! Here is a quick summary of testing options and recommendations.