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Fall 2011
Cayenne’s Tr-eye-al
New Staff (Dr. Norton, Dr. Simpson, Jenna Curtis, Stephanie Batman, Corinna Wagner)
Janssen Family Update
JVC Genetics
40 Under 40
JVC University
Flea & Heartworm Preventatives
Puppy Preschool
Advances in Regernerative Medicine
PRP – IRAP – Stem Cell Therapy
Infectious Disease – Neurologic EHV-1
Travel Advisory – Equine Piroplasmosis
Early Detection
East Meets West – Marni
Canine CCL Repair

Winter 2010
Extraordinary Measures (Callie-Ann)
JVC Genetics Update
New Staff (Jennifer Brenton, RVT)
Continuing Education
Pet Dental Month
Shadow’s Acupuncture Adventure
Canine Flu
Home Delivery from Vetsource
Small Animal Ultrasound Services
Equine Insurance Basics
Xylitol Toxicity
Cushings, Laminitis, Surgery (Breezie)
Wellness Exams
Kid’s Korner Word Search
Correct Deworming Practices & Benefits
Amazing Miss Molly
Royal Canin Prescription Diet

Winter 2009
Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome (EGUS)
JVC Genetics Update
New Staff (Dr. Steve Nichols, Casey Sutphin, Chris Barker, Linda Buse, LVT, Jennifer Stewart, RVT)
Continuing Education
What you May Not Know About Placentitis
Rabies Update
The Equine Athlete
Acupuncture Services
Equine Reproduction
The Importance of Fecal Exams
Diagnostic & Therapeutic Options
Periodontal Disease in Pets
Equine Dental Care
Grace’s Big Adventure