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Aisle Exam Room 1 Radiology Viewing Exam Room 2 Surgery Room
Exam Room 3 Laboratory Stallion Collection Area Foaling Stall Arena/Gait Observation

Outpatient stalls/Scale
The first five stalls provide space for our day patients to hang out during their visit.  JVC also has an equine scale available accurate to over 2000 pounds. We encourage clients to use the scale throughout the year to monitor weight gain/loss.

Equine Exam Room 1
This room is primarily used for dental flotation and emergency examinations. The stocks in the room are the largest in the clinic and provide a safe environment for our patients. We can fit our largest horses in these stocks.

Equine Exam Room 2
Exam Room 2 is used for our diagnostic imaging. JVC has the resources to take digital radiographs, digital ultrasounds, and video endoscopy.  There are also stocks in this room with adjustable height side rails. If needed, we can perform some standing surgeries in this room.

Imaging Viewing Room
After radiographs have been taken, images are sent to the computer to be reviewed by our doctors and clients together to discuss the case. Those images can also be made into a cd for the client or sent to a referring veterinarian for a second opinion or potential surgery case. We work very closely with our farriers who can view foot radiographs to determine the correct shoeing for each patient.

Equine Exam Room 3
JVC uses this room for reproduction purposes. We provide mare reproduction evaluation and management with the use of our rectal ultrasound machine and other useful tools. The stocks provide a foal restraint box so that a nursing mare can be evaluated knowing her foal is safe by her side. JVC also performs Artificial Insemination and Embryo Collection.

Equine Lab
This laboratory is used for semen evaluation, stallion collection preparation, embryo evaluation, IRAP processing and PRP processing. JVC provides semen storage that is securely kept in the cool, dry Tank Room.

Collection Shed
JVC offers stallion collection services. Our collection shed is a large, safe environment for the stallion, tease mare, and handlers. Our phantom dummy is adjustable for all sizes of stallions. This room has shredded tire flooring and mats along the back wall.

Camera Stalls
JVC has stalls with cameras to monitor patients. These are used during the foaling season or if an ill horse needs to be monitored 24/7.

Aisle Way/Arena
Lameness exams are performed in our large aisle way.. This provides a hard, flat surface to properly evaluate the movement of the horse. The arena allows JVC to watch the horse move out, circle both directions, and can have the owner ride the horse, if needed.

Equine Pharmacy

The pharmacy is fully stocked with anything needed to treat our patients. We also provide an online resource for clients to order supplies as needed. Click here to get to VetSource.

Equine Surgery Room

Our surgery room provides a safe space to carefully place our equine patients under general anesthesia. The room is equipped with a large hoist, general anesthesia machine, and padded recovery stall.