Foal Deworming Schedule

For more about the Fecal Egg Count and Deworming, please visit our Parasites & Deworming page.

The dewormers used in foals (Anthelcide, Strongid, and Panacur) do not kill the larval stages of roundworms. They only kill the adult roundworms in the gastrointestinal tract, which will not be present until 8-12 weeks of age.

60 days: Anthelcide or Strongid

90 days: Fecal egg count to check Parascaris levels

120 days: Anthelcide or Strongid

150 days: Fecal egg count

180 days: Strongid

240 days: Quest

300 days: Anthelcide


The FECRT is only for a specific dewormer (ex. Quest) and must be repeated if another medication is used to check for resistance.