Veterinary Vocabulary

Rectal Palpation (Mare – Breeding exam): the veterinarian can assess uterine tone and check for anatomical abnormalities, evaluate ovaries.

Speculum Evaluation(Mare – Breeding exam): check for cervical tears & adhesions, urine pooling, infection and drainage.

Rectal Ultrasound (Mare – Breeding exam): check ovarian structure, uterine fluid, uterine cysts, and stage in the cycle.

Biopsy/Histopath (Mare – Breeding exam): takes a small sample of uterine tissue for analysis. Generally checking for inflammation, infection and uterine scar tissue (embryos will not implant in scar tissue).

Culture (Mare – Breeding exam): tests the kind of infection and sensitivity to different kinds of antibiotics.

Cytology (Mare – Breeding exam): types of cells that are present in the uterine lining, including inflammatory cells and some infectious agents.